Application of the long-term forest history to forestry practices

Project identification code: TJ02000286

Funding: Technology Agency of the Czech Republic

Principal investigator: Ondřej Vild

Time-frame: 03/2019–02/2021

Project description
The aim of the project is to provide resources that will be used for the planning and implementation of forest management. These resources will be used by the application guarantor and provided to the users – professional forest managers. The main source for the project is the applicant’s database of information on long-term forest development. Within the project, this information will be supplemented, analysed and transformed into specialized interactive maps, which will be integrated into the application guarantor’s map server at the end of the project. In addition, a methodology will be prepared to enable the application guarantor to make effective use of its own data for its core activities.

Markéta Chudomelová 
Jan Kolář
Martin Liška 
Silvie Suchánková
Martina Sychrová
Péter Szabó (mentor)
Radim Hédl (mentor)