You can order high quality analyses of paleoecological, soil and plant material in our laboratories. You find the lists of the performed analyses together with their prices under the links below.

Laboratory for the analysis of soil material

Our laboratory located in the city center Brno (Lidická 25/27) has a modern instrumentation. This allows to determine in the soil samples contents of phosphorus, potassium, nitrogen forms and total nitrogen. We are analyzing soil samples in the same way as the plant material. We have automatic pH analyzer, which prepares large scale of samples.

We offer these types of analyses:

  • Determination of pH in different types of solutions.
  • Determination of the content of phosphorus, potassium and nitrogen forms using spectrophotometric analyses (Skalar SAN++ and flame photometer).
  • Determination of total nitrogen by mineralization in digester block.
  • Determination of the content of organic matter by burning.

All analyses provide also for the needs of customers out of our department. We offer high quality at reasonable prices. If you are interested or have any questions about methods and prices of analyses, please contact us.

The labor pricelist (in Czech) is here.

Contact: Radim Hédl


Laboratory for paleoecological sample processing

This laboratory processes paleoecological material sampled from quartery sediments of peats, bogs, lakes and tufa formations, but also from archeological research and recent surface sampling.     

Our laboratory processes sample analyses for:

  • fossil and recent pollen
  • melissopalynology
  • microscopic and macroscopic carbons
  • plant macroremains
  • organisms of the following groups: Cladocera, Chironomidae, Diatomae and Testate amoebae

The laboratory has two workplaces: in Brno and in Průhonice. It is possible to make internal orders (within the Botanical Institute) as well as external orders (from other institutions, companies or private clients).

The pricelist and the protocol for preparation of samples for pollen analysis is here (in Czech).

Please, contact  Markéta Fránková (in Brno) and Přemysl Bobek (in Průhonice).