Integration of environmental, biological and management-related monitoring of fishponds: case study based on use of stable sensor system

Project identification number: LD14045

Program: LD – COST CZ
Funding: MŠMT
Principal investigator: Kateřina Šumberová
Time-frame: 1. 4. 2014.-29. 10. 2016

Data about the covering COST action

Action name: Networking Lake Observatories in Europe (NETLAKE)
Project name: COST Action ES1201
Domain: ESSEM
Time-frame: 30. 10. 2012–29. 10. 2016

Project description

By analysis of the data from stationary monitoring station situated in a selected fishpond along with regularly collected additional environmental, management-related, plankton and vegetation data we aim to explore the relationships among individual parts of the fishpond ecosystem. The novelty of the research is in integration of continual measurement by sensor system and additional field monitoring. This method will enable us to produce more reliable interpretations of changes in the vegetation, plankton and fish stock and evaluate the productivity of the system under e.g. various climatic conditions. In European framework it is a unique pilot project because similar research has not yet been carried out in fishponds. This research will enable us to contribute to the action NETLAKE by original data from fishponds that are comparable with the ecosystem of shallow lakes in other parts of Europe. The results will be applicable in biodiversity protection and sustainable management of fishponds. The project has a large educational potential for biological, ecological and fishery study branches.