The role of the soil diaspore bank as an integral part of the life history of ecologically extremely specialized ephemeral, semi-aquatic plant species

Principal investigator: Karin Tremetsberger (Universität für Bodenkultur, Rakousko)

Co-investigator: Kateřina Šumberová

Funding: Austrian Science Fund

Time-frame: 2012 – 2015

Project description:

Project is focused on genetic variability at wetland annual plant Cyperus fuscus. Following specific questions are addressed: 1) What are the differences between the genetic variability of Cyperus fuscus represented in soil seed bank and the variability in the populations occurring in vegetation? Does the variability depend on the disturbance regime/management of various types of habitats? What is the overall genetic variability of the species within Europe?; 2) How are the differences in genetic structure of particular populations reflected in fenotype of the plants? Are there any local types of Cyperus fuscus with genetically dependent traits?