There are extensive collections of pollen mounts and seeds and fruits deposited at our workplace. All these collections are available for students and researchers for present use. You find more information under the links below.


The reference pollen collection

Reference pollen collection includes species of Central European pollen flora. It serves as reference material to compare fossil pollen with recent pollen grains by its morphological characteristics.The collection of pollen mounts is regularly renewed and supplied.

In case you want to study the pollen collection, please contact Markéta Fránková.


Seed and fruit collection

The collection of seeds and fruits of vascular plants comprises over 4000 samples mainly of the central European species, but also from other parts of the World. The collection has been built on the Brno department of the Institute of Botany in the past fifty years. Currently we strive of further development and use of the collection for scientific and other purposes.

The collection serves as reference for determination of material from soil samples (living seeds; soil seed bank) as well as from fossil sediments (see the Database of macrorests). Our aim is reconstruction of species composition from both resources.

The collection is open for public use.

Contact: Markéta Chudomelová 


The collection of the peatbog profiles of the Czech and Slovak Republics

The collection of the peatbog profiles was generated by the occasion of the mapping bogs in the Czech and Slovak Republics since 1960. The peatbogs and mires were sampled and stored, consecquently Altogether, it consists several dozens of the sites untouched by paleoecological methods uptill now.

The collection of the peatbog profiles is under the digitalization process.

Contact: Helena Svitavská