Mgr. Kateřina Šumberová, Ph.D.


Phone: 541 126 218, 607 813 269

My main research interests include aquatic and wetland vegetation and its interactions to environmental factors, animals, land use and management. I have focused on various wetland types, including wetland complexes in floodplains or wetlands on arable land. During the last 15 years I have concentrated particularly on the research of fishponds and fish storage ponds. These habitats offer broad opportunities for research of wetland plant species and communities. Together with colleagues from the Institute of Botany CAS and other institutions, we have investigated vegetation dynamics of fishponds and fish storage ponds, soil seed bank and seed dispersal. Recently, we have carried out such research in the framework of the national COST project, which is a part of the COST action NETLAKE, involving research institutions from more than 20 European countries. Plant species distribution is directly linked to the habitat requirements of plant species, land use and its changes. Currently, I study distribution of selected wetland and weedy plant species and its changes in the Czech Republic (included in the framework of research aims of the Centre of Excellence PLADIAS).

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