Mgr. Martina Fabšičová


Phone: 541 126 234

I studied geobotany at Charles University in Prague (MSc. in 1995) and I did my MSc. research on the ecology of stony debris in the Podyji National Park. I have been working in the Institute of Botany since 1995, first of all I worked on mountain grasslands and population biology of grasses (Krkonoše Mts., Deschampsia cespitosa) at the Department of Plant Population Biology in Průhonice near Prague.

Now, I work at the Department of Vegetation Ecology (since 1998) and my main research interests are management of non-forest ecosystems including grasslands, fallows and exposed pond bottoms and biology of clonal, invasive and endangered plant species.

In last several years, I focus on soil seed bank studies and cultivation experiments.  I am also interested in succession processes and restoration management of disturbed ecosystems.

I also work as a secretary for the department.

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