PhDr. Helena Svitavská Svobodová, CSc.



Phone: 271 015 427

Scientific research: Quaternary Palynology

  • Vegetation and climatic history of the montane regions in the Czech Republic (Šumava, Krkonoše, Czech-Moravian Uplands) according to the peatbog profiles and limnic sediments
  • Development of the cultural land, pollen analysis of fens and former lakes and analysis of fluvial deposits and oxbows of the rivers in the southern Moravia
  • Pollen analysis of the cave layers, loess series and archaeolological cultural layers of the würmien interpeleniglacial on the southern Moravia
  • Pollen analysis of the Pleistocene marrs of Massif Central, France, with the specialization to the long pollen records
  • Pollen accumulations and depositions of the annual pollen traps of the mountain areas of the Czech Republic (Krkonoše and Šumava)
  • Determination of pollen and spores, Algae and non pollen objects in high resolution

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