Assoc. Prof. RNDr. Petr Kuneš, PhD


Current workplaceDepartment of Botany, Faculty of Science of the Charles University

Personal webpage:

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I graduated in biology at the Faculty of Science, Charles University in Prague. My doctoral research focused on palaeoecology of late-glacial and early-Holocene vegetation and in 2008 I was awarded a Ph.D. at the department of botany. Between 2009 and 2011 I worked as a postdoctoral researcher at the Department of Geoscience, Aarhus University studying past interglacial dynamics. Currently I work at the Institute of Botany CAS and at the Department of Botany, Charles University in Prague. My basic research interests lie in palaeoecology, which I translate mainly as connection between ecology, geology and archaeology on various time scales, with the aim of investigating processes that are beyond direct observation and experimentation. I like studying ecosystem and environment dynamics and succession driven by natural and anthropogenic disturbances (climate, fire and human impact) and linking results with modern processes.