RNDr. Vlasta Jankovská CSc.

E-mail: vlasta.jankovska@ibot.cas.cz

Phone: 541 126 216


Vlasta Jankovská graduated in Biology-Chemistry (Charles University, Prague) in 1963 and obtained her CSc (former version of PhD) in 1968 at the Institute of Botany of the Academy of Sciences (Průhonice) and RNDr. at the Masaryk University in Brno (previously the University of Jan Evangelista Purkyně) in 1976. Since 1963 she has been working at the Institute of Botany of the Academy of Sciences in Brno.

Her main field of interest lies in palaeoecology and its various methods and applications, i. e. pollen and macrofossil analysis, non-pollen palynomorphs analysis, palaeoalgology, palaeoreconstruction of vegetation and landscape since the Middle Pleistocen up to the Last Glacial and Holocene, including the environments of Pleistocene megafauna and human society. Apart form Middle Europe, she carried out research in the Artic and Sub-arctic regions of Scandinavia and Russia and successfully cooperates with historians, archaeologists, foresters, geologists, geomorphologists and climatologists. Nowadays, she focuses on publishing the plentiful results of her work.


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