Biodiversity increase and support of ecosystem services in agricultural landscape through alternative management practices in grasslands and pastures

Financial support: Technology Agency of the Czech Republic

Principal investigator: Tomáš Vymyslický (Research Institute for Fodder Crops, Ltd. Troubsko)

Time-frame: 2019–2022

Martina Fabšičová (Institute of Botany CAS)
Martin Jiroušek (Mendel University in Brno)
Jan Winkler (Mendel University in Brno)

Project description:
The main aim of proposed project will be testing, standardisation and certification of management tools leading to increased biodiversity and restoration of ecosystem services of meadow biotopes. Meadows are essential part of agricultural landscape. Due to realisation of this project an important increase of plant and invertebrates biodiversity will be supported. Some key ecosystem services will be restored. For example increase of pollinator’s populations, limitation of soil erosion, and water retention in the agroecosystems. The results will be available through certified methodologies, certified technological procedure and utility model. We expect wide transfer of the results into praxis and sustainability even after project will finish.

Research team at the Institute of Botany CAS:
Martina Fabšičová
Jan Šipoš
Dušan Lekeš
Filip Trnka (external researcher)